The Itour Story

The vision for Itour began in 2004 when I attended a trade show and saw a Sprinter converted into a limousine. I immediately saw the role this van could play in the music industry. I began researching and learning all I could about the Sprinter and its capabilities. I had ideas for several floor plans but I knew the space required and the van at that time didn’t have it. It was just an idea at that time.

Until 2007 the Sprinter was built by Mercedes-Benz but sold in the US by Dodge. Soon that partnership dissolved and Mercedes-Benz marketed the Sprinter as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. To reintroduce the Sprinter to this market, Mercedes-Benz totally redesigned the body adding a longer and taller body to its various offerings. When this new body style was released, I reviewed the dimensions and felt my design could possibly be built. Here is where I ran into a wall. I searched for an upfitter that could see my vision. I tried showing my designs to several different companies. I could not convince them that there was a market for this touring coach. I knew there was a need. I was convinced that my design could be utilized, but someone else needed to see the vision, too.

I began searching for the right dealership and decided to use Mercedes-Benz of Ft Mitchell, KY. I met the Sprinter Sales Manager, Dan Tilley, and I learned that he was a believer which made the process of purchasing our Sprinter really easy. By this time I had decided that the only way to have the interior I had designed was to build it myself. Never could I have imagined what God had working behind the scenes.

When our Sprinter was delivered it was an empty chassis. Dan and I went to lunch and that is when God began His work. For the next couple of hours we discussed our vision of what we felt God leading us to do with the Sprinter. I explained my difficulty in finding someone willing to build my design. I explained that I was going to build the interior myself. Dan went on to suggest that we could use Midwest Automotive Designs in Elkhart, IN. They had been one of the first to be certified as a Master Upfitter for Mercedes-Benz and had been upfitting the Sprinter for over 15 years. I knew about Midwest Automotive Designs and had even approached them years earlier. Surprisingly, he said that he would contact Tim Gray, the president of Midwest. The next day I received a call and was invited to Elkhart, IN, to discuss my designs.

We met Tim in late November and for two days discussed my vision and designs. We concluded our meetings and agreed that Midwest would build my coach. I called Dan Tilley to tell him of our meeting and he committed to purchase eight of our coaches over the next year! That commitment meant that I would not be paying anything to build my coach! God had provided not only the upfitter to build my coach but He also provided the provisions to pay for it! All I did was to stay out of God’s way and let Him be God!
In the months since our coach has been built we have developed the name for our coach which is Itour. The name came from our group name; using the letter “I” from Inheritance combined with “tour” for our ministry whose mission is to travel from place to place telling the message of Jesus. Itour has been born out of prayer and the lessons learned about patience and the desires of one’s heart. It has become a part of our ministry; by developing this coach we can help other’s to see the benefits of how this coach can help you to be better stewards of your money, safer while traveling, and travel in comfort and reliability. I don’t have the ability to see the future, but I can trust God with the future. This coach could very well be an integral part of your future. Pray and seek God’s will as you consider owning an Itour coach. It will be one of the best economical decisions you will make. Itourdo you?
-Douglas Davis