Welcome to Itour!

Itour is a new concept in travel for the touring musician.For the touring musician, the challenge is to find transportation that is affordable, reliable and meets their touring needs. Historically, the choices have typically been a van, truck, an old bus or an RV, all of which proved to be inadequate or simply unreliable. Inevitably, the costs to maintain and keep these vehicles on the road was an endless drain on resources, and the industry was not listening….until now.After years of touring myself, listening to other musicians, and ten years of research and development, the components came together to create the Itour Coach. Each model has been thoroughly tested with every detail considered, creating the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. With state of the art amenities, the Itour is the ultimate in travel. Bring enjoyment back to your tour, and get control of your budget. The Itour was created to do just that. Contact me today to begin your new experience in travel. Itour…do you?

Douglas Davis – Designer of the Itour Coach